What we DO?

Magal IT Consulting provides consulting services in aligning information technology with business process innovation, security systems design and implementation, integration and deployment of customized IT systems to meet new business and security requirements. We help our customers to

  • assess their current business process and IT systems, understand new business development and requirements dictated by nowadays IT consumerization trends and security threats,
  • re-define business processes and embrace new technology solutions required to increase revenue and enable better customer experience,
  • define | re-define IT operation strategy  to reduce IT operation costs
  • deploy the business processes, solutions and IT operation strategy.

Solutions could be software applications, web services, business processes, the business rules that govern that processes, information technology systems and clouds, a revised organizational structure, human resource outsourcing, redefined job roles and any other methods of creating client’s capability to solve persisting problems or achieve specific objective(s).

We are working on development and facilitation of IT enabled public-private partnerships for sustainable municipal development in cooperation with Municipal Management Ceter (Habitat). We have extensive practical experience in development of the IT enabled public-private partnerships on municipal level since 1999 when we started to apply the relevant United Nations's human settlements development methodology (Habitat-methodology) in Eastern Europe.

To greater extend the reach and follow-up dialogue to politicians, local governments, local businesses and citizens we’ve developed the IT enabled mechanism for distance participation of the parties in development | improvement of Regional/Municipal Development Programs, and keeping them CONNECTED distantly to save their time and enable them to perform better.

We help our customers to do more with less cost, because

  • we build balanced team of generalist and niche consultants with Engineering grade expertise and Ph.D. level research capability, with extensive experience in IT systems design and turn key deployment;
  • we use online video enabled support tools to keep right human resorces in right place at right time while saving project costs related to travel and per diem;
  • we care of team and project performance, we employ online real time information exchange tools for interactive team-work to support distance preparation, presentation and exchange of documentation | reports followed by online workshops.