We Provide What Makes Sense

From the very beginning, most of start-up businesses do not consider purchasing costly software licenses to enhance their business opportunities and work efficiency using the Internet. This is the case when we can help our clients to find the most relevant free open source web solutions.

We provide our clients with training services to enable solving minor inconveniences and problems on their own and minimize their consulting expenses.

Well growing businesses can benefit of our worry-free IT support and save due to their monthly subscription for our services. We developed from the ground and maintain in the Internet dozens of physical and virtual servers, web-applications and databases installed on Linux and Windows operating systems.

Clients, who are interested in custom open source CRM-systems, Project Management Applications, e-Commerce Applications integrated with their public web-site, can benefit of our extensive experience of doing this.

We help our clients to develop and deploy their web-strategy to address their needs and their customer expectation.

For client's convenience, we can remotely manage and support its infrastructure, office and version control systems over secure connection.