CITeXchange System solutions are being developed and implemented by our team along more than 10 years. We provide our customers with unique methods and web-based solutions for bridging and facilitating cooperation in the areas of international trade and e-commerce, development programs formulation, technology/manufacturing transfer, joint venturing and grant aid assistance. The system comprises a wide variety of functional components deployed in different clouds for efficiency and security reasons. Most of the services are being delivered using videoconference communication to enable efficient distant team-work in the service areas mentioned above.

CITeXchange System has  3-tier architecture and integrates innovative software applications for bridging and facilitating initiatives in the areas of international trade, technology/manufacturing transfer, joint venture and grant aid assistance. It also includes e-commerce applications that support B2B international wholesale business processes, CRM-system, customer support  and project management applications , news and polling sub-system, forum and library of documents.

Portal Manager of CITeXchange System provides variety of tools for management and configuration of the system, creation of multilevel private spaces in the system, generation of dynamic forms, management of user access to system’ resources, integration of custom html- and java-scripts, etc.

CITeXchange System applications, being highly configurable, enable us to launch the following dedicated online services for our clients:

Trade iBridge that makes possible bridging and facilitation of trade dialogue between manufacturers and international buyers.

Joint Venture iBridge that bridges and facilitate dialogue between potential business partners interested in doing joint international business, transferring manufacturing process overseas, etc.

Technology Transfer iBridge that bridges and facilitate technology transfer initiatives between innovation & technology centers and manufacturers.

Grant Aid Assistance iBridge that enables up- or downstream processes of grant aid assistance delivery (locally or internationally), bridges aid providers and recipients to ensure maximum aid assistance performance.

And our new solution - DCC Builder is Canada-ready e-commerce website builder for our Canadian and international clients. Our clients being subscribed for any of our service package can use it with NO licence-fee on any amount of domains served by our team. The builder was developed to meet needs of our clients on the basis of Drupal framework, customized to meet requirements of local Canadian and international tax rates, as well as, it was tested in various deployment online environments.