Executive Consulting Services

For high level executives it is always important to know, if information technology greatly contributes to profit generation. They want to be sure that they have reasonably sufficient IT and human resources that are efficiently aligned with company's overall business goals and priorities to achieve the planned profit margin, what is especially important in the slow economy conditions. Advisory support is being provided by advisors having 10 and more years of working experience in the area of IT systems development.


After our research, we provide CEO/CTO with realistic picture of what the company has and what it should have to align IT and human resources for maximum performance and profit. Typically clients choose both support methods: on-site method - for research and training of personnel, and distant method - for getting advice on scheduled video meetings.



Client's testimonies


Municipal Management Center

"Magal IT Consulting provided us with highly professional advisory support and a unique configuration of CITeXchange web-applications to efficiently and paper-free develop and monitor municipal investment programs. Thanks to using the applications we improved responsiveness to client requests 60%, reduced administrative work 15% and paper work 75 %, all of which ultimately slashed our total expenses 32% ".